Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I love haters :) Read my rambling RANTS!

Excuse my French.. But sometimes people can be b!tches :)
Preferably the b!tches that give you no equal rights.
As in they ask you to co-own as project and give you no rights whatsoever. They treat you like a pack mule. If you know who I am talking about then you'll understand where I'm coming from.
Well Admire is done. Forever I guess. I offered to save it and the woman nay child says "How dare you delete a post on MY blog" It's not her blog. It's ours. She asked me to CO-OWN. Don't you think Owners and co-owners should have equal amount of rights? Well she thinks different.
Click HERE to see the collection that was supposed to be in Fashion Week.
Here's what I did for the collection:
I did not do the hair or face. Just clothing.
And onto more ranting:
To be honest I NEVER enjoyed being a co-owner of admire. I was never consulted with anything.
I did NOT choose the models.
I did NOT choose the writers.
I was NOT told we were getting new graphic designers,etc.
She NEVER asked me my opinion on things.
I DID choose that gorgeous new layout that has to go to waste ;)
As I said I was treated like a pack mule.
1st collection of admire: I did one pose.
That's all. Nada. Think that's fair-NO.
2nd collection: 2 outfits and 1 handbag. WOOP DEE DOO!
3rd collection: 2. Wow...
To everyone-I'm starting fresh and new. I am stress free now and will start new projects with reliable FRIENDS. I have been SO frustrated and tense ever she started bossing me around. When I got the job for admire, I was glad. Now I am not so glad.
Ask any of the workers of admire if they enjoyed their time:
Plami161(She was asked to be a graphic designer and she never got to)
xiKewii- She can ramble on and on about this girl. She was also asked to be a graphic designer and got no part.
I'm sorry for rambling on and on. This is how I get my feelings out and warning all of you:
When you take a job, choose CAREFULLY.
Now go ahead and start commenting ANONS. I know you will.


  1. 1. Plami done the poses
    2. same with kewii
    3. thats cas sometimes your graphics wasnt up to standard
    4. co-owner, the clue is in the co
    5. its my blog as i made it
    6. you had no right to delete the posts
    7. you always used to diss me to other people
    8. your miserable and think everyone will let you do everything your way
    9. you never made any sketches for the couture. none.
    10. you never asked me about models or writers
    11. the last collection wasnt finished which is why you never made alot.
    12. you asked if you could co-own
    13. get real its a virtual world
    14. get out of your own ass and grow some!

    My gosh. Lily deserves way better than this.
    Co-owners should be in with things going on the site, clue is in the OWNER.

    And "your graphics wasn't up to standard"?! Sure.. like you could do any better. I am so glad you're leaving, goodbye miserable piece of trash (;

    iLY LILY.
    iHY SINBABEE OR W.E YOUR REAL NAME IS. (you're probably a 50 year old man.) :D