Sunday, January 16, 2011


I'm inching away from stardoll slowly.
I've been enjoying a lot of my real life instead of wasting my time here.
Exploring real fashion,etc.
Well anyways. I started making this. Stopped once I got to the shoes and face.
Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?


  1. I Think That Is Gorgeous Dharling! ;O

    Uhm, Well I Think The SwimSuit Could Do With Improving, Like The Edges Of It Are Very Wonky :S And The Collar Bones Look A Bit Plastic... But, Just Finish The Feet, And You Can Sell This For Like 80 Stardollars, It's Very Nice! :)

    Awh Dharling, I Guess Real Life Is Your Main Concentration, But Please DO Continue Doing Graphics Love (: x

  2. some bits are pure brilliant, not saying the others arent but the hairs great :)