Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ooooo :D

I really like how it turned out. I might even use it for my blog.
I wanted to change the color of the dress but green is okay and I rarely use it ;o
Took me about 6 hours. The dress is very detailed and was the thing that took the longest.
The short hair is so cute!
Well what do you think?
Model is Miss_Lolitaf


  1. It is brilliant!:D WOW! 6 HOURS? :O No, that is stunning, but doesn't look like Lolita to me though... ;D

  2. Thanks! (:
    It is under all that makeup and extra eyelashes ;D

  3. Balmain right?
    LOVE it!!<3

    And the face of the model and the hair looks stunning!

  4. Yes it is Balmain with a touch of Lily :D